Pennsylvania Professional Image Alliance (PPIA) was formed as a direct result of the pandemic’s devastating impact on black and brown businesses in the personal care industries of Cosmetology, Barbering, and Beauty. PPIA is an alliance of over 150 hair salons, barbershops, and beauty professionals in the Philadelphia region and across our state. Our alliance was created out of necessity when the mandatory shutdowns were instituted in March 2020. Our advocacy and direct business support played a major role in state and city-wide funding for small minority businesses and has enabled over 75% of businesses in our alliance to attain funding from state, local and private funding sources as well as tangible resources in support of doing business safely during the pandemic. The demand for an innovative approach to ensure our economic survival and sustainability quickly become and continues to be a matter of critical concern for the viability of our businesses as well as the economic landscape of the communities we serve.

“I have watched the evolution of the Black Barbers and Stylists and witnessed their transformation into the PPIA, and I am truly impressed... you have my utmost respect and my full support.”

State Senator Vincent Hughes

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide direct, hands on support to black and brown small businesses in the
beauty and barber industry. We aim to meet business owners where they are in order to
support them with infrastructure, best business practices, technical support, financial
education and business sustainability and growth. Our goal is to move our businesses from
surviving to thriving, lending a hand to bring the next business up.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to help groom, grow and produce professional beauty industry businesses across the Philadelphia region and the state of Pennsylvania by enhancing their ability to operate strategically and scale up in their business. With the use of advanced technology, target marketing and direct training our alliance will provide the much needed business support that will ultimately provide sustainable employment and economic development for the immediate communities our businesses serve.

What We've Done!

  • Organized and established an alliance of over 150 hair salons, barbershops, and beauty professionals to voice concerns collectively in a cohesive manner, regarding sustainability and safety precautions.  Ongoing efforts include written, verbal, public, and in-person advocacy for our industry to the state government and health department.

  • Assisted members in securing over $1.5 million in grant funding through PA Relief Grant, PA 30 Day fund, PPP, and various private grants.  These grants help to sustain our businesses, allowing for continued income for employees and continued services for our clientele.

  • Created and implemented the "Doing Business Safely Initiative" which is designed as a mitigation effort to keep customers, owners, operators, technicians, and the community safe. 

  • Obtained resources from local elected officials and Penn Medicine for the distribution of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for the salons, barbershops, and the community.

  • Partnered with local elected officials and Penn Medicine doctors to have ongoing updates and resources to clearly communicate evolving policies and safety protocols specific to our industry and the community at large.

  • Collaborated with Penn Medicine physicians to develop an App designed to...

    1. provide a method for contact tracing

    2. provide prevention support resources 

    3. provide quick response to possible COVID-19 cases

  • Provided ongoing resources, meetings, training, events, and fundraising for business sustainability. 

  • Collaborated with CDFI networks, PIDC, Temple small business center, AACC, and other small business support services to attain resources for our businesses.

  • Provide direct support by meeting each business owner where they are to support their needs.

  • Supported local efforts to promote voting during campaign time.

Membership has its benefits!