Bertina Pelzer

Vice President

Washington, DC native, Mrs. Bertina (Tina) Pelzer is the wife of Pastor Keith I. Pelzer and they are the proud parents of two sons, Isaiah and Caleb. Together they are the leaders of Southern Baptist Church located in Philadelphia, PA. As a lifelong careered cosmetologist, “Tina” is an entrepreneur and partner of Bold and Beautiful Salon and Royalty Salon in Downingtown, PA. She is a Youth Develop-ment and Program Coordinator, specializing in trauma informed practices, for Living Strong Consulting LLC.

Tina is also Creator and CEO of her non-profit organization FAVOR (Faces And Voices Of Reason) an etiquette, self-esteem building and goal setting Life Skills program implemented in schools, local work-force development organizations and churches in Pennsylvania. She is the leader of the women’s min-istry at her church, where she hosts a quarterly “Women’s Night of Healing Gathering” and is very ac-tive in the community and abroad.

Tina takes pride in fostering the growth of others. As a volunteer coordinator/manager for the Annual Legislative Conference (ALC) hosted by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation for over 10 years, she and her team recruit, train and manage interested volunteers to support the yearly conference with the hope of adding value to their lives. This service is so dear to her because it creates opportuni-ty for others to learn and grow and connects individuals and groups to a better understanding of how government, policy and electing officials work for their communities.

Her accomplishments and experience include: Licensed Cosmetologist, Licensed Cosmetology In-structor, over 13 years as an entrepreneur, Certifications in trauma informed practices supporting indi-viduals and organizations, over 15 years of project management and business development experi-ence. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership.

Coming from a very untraditional upbringing she was determined not to become a negative statistic but be the best product of her circumstances. Throughout her journey she has overcome several ob-stacles and helped many along the way. She is known among her peers as “The Rescuer” because she always reaches out to help those in need especially the underserved. Tina’s love for people and the proven difference direct support made in her life, is what drives her passion to support and lead peo-ple to productive lives. Using her experiences through relationships, she is always on a mission to help one live to their fullest potential.

As an inspiring leader, motivational speaker, teacher, entrepreneur, mother and friend she devotes her life to serving others and leads by being a follower of Christ.